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On a nutritional foods roll here.

Try this delicious and nutritious Nutritional Yeast Flakes by Sari foods.

Naturally High in vitamins and minerals and delicious too.


  • 100% whole food based and naturally occurring - nothing synthetic here - just as nature intended!
  • 50% protein (a complete, bioavailable and vegan source), over 20% fiber, contains all 18 amino acids and 15 different minerals (including iron, selenium and zinc) as well as a natural vitamin B-complex and Beta-glucans
  • low in calories, fat and sodium, it is dairy free, gluten free, MSG free and chocked full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein
  • Nutritional Yeast promotes cellular repair and regeneration   
 Get it here:

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Super Hemp Seeds Review

Hemp seeds are a superfood and considered by many nutritionists as one of the leading super foods available. Hemp seeds are high in nutritional value and high in bio-absorbable protein making them an excellent source of protein for vegetarian and vegans.   Also ideal for paleo diet people.

I got the USDA Organic Super Hemp brand hemp seeds and found them to be fresh and delicious.  

Super Hemp hulled hemp seeds have a light buttery nut-like flavor, making a nutritious and tasty addition to hot cereal and smoothies. Super Hemp blends easily into desserts, breads, pancakes, granola bars and other baked goods. Great when sprinkled on salads and soups too.

Because of their high oil content, it is recommended to store hemp seeds in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer to keep fresh.

Available on here:

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Acupressure Points Chart Showing Known Acupressure Points On Your Body

Acupressure Points Chart Showing Acupressure Points On Your Body

Below is an acupressure point chart showing a large number of known acupressure points on the human body.

Many of these acupressure points can be stimulated with an acupressure mat in the comfort of your own home.   Heavenly Acupressure mats make great gifts for birthdays and holidays!

You can order you acupressure mat on and get free shipping.

Friday, March 1, 2013

How To Choose An Acupressure Mat | Selecting The Best Acupressure Mat Brand

How To Choose Your Acupressure Mat 
Selecting The Best Acupressure Mat Brand

With over a dozen different brands of acupressure mats on the market to choose from, and with prices ranging from about $20 to $100, how does one choose the right acupressure mat?
What is the difference between the different acupressure mat brands?

 Here are 5 things to look for when selecting an acupressure mat:

1. Materials The Acupressure Mat Is Made With
2. Quality Of The Materials
3. Is Glue Used In The Manufacture Of The Acupressure Mat?
4. How Many Spikes Are On The Mat?
5. Warranty On The Acupressure Mat  

1. Materials The Acupressure Mat Is Made With

Make sure the acupressure mat you buy is made with natural and non-toxic materials. The cloth should be a natural cotton, hemp, or linen, because these fabrics are "breathable" and and do not cause unnecessary sweating.
The spikes should be made with ABS plastic or other non-toxic material. many mats are made with plastics that contain BPA which has receive a lot of attention lately about it's toxicity. The foam most commonly used is polyurethane foam and is considered to be non-toxic. There are some acupressure mats that use natural foam rubber, eco-foam,and even coconut fibers as cushioning in their acupressure mats.  

2. Quality Of The Materials

The quality of materials used is also of importance. I have seen acupressure mats made with super thin cotton fabric that undoubtedly would not last more than a year or so because of the low quality fabric used.
Your acupressure mat when used daily, should last you way more than 5 years with proper care. Most often, it pays of to spend a little bit more on quality because you benefit from the length of time you can use the item.  

3. Is Glue Used In The Manufacture Of The Acupressure Mat?

Glue is bad! Do not get an acupressure mat made with glue. The glues used to attach the spike in cheaper acupressure mats are strong glues and are toxic. Most of the time you can smell the glue when you get your acupressure mat package. The higher end acupressure mats use a proprietary heat process to attach the spikes to the acupressure mats. This process adds a little more cost to the acupressure mat, but is well worth it because it is non-toxic.  

You are investing in your health and well-being so check to make sure the acupressure mat you choose is free of glue. It should state so on the company website or call them and ask.  

4. How Many Spikes Are On The Mat?

The number of spikes on the acupressure mat you choose has a significance. Most common are mats with around 8,000 or,6,000 spikes. The more the spikes, the more acupressure points you are likely to stimulate when laying on the acupressure mat. Also, the more spike there are the less it hurts.
Mats with fewer spikes say that fewer spikes result in more pressure on the acupressure points. The majority of acupressure mats on the market have around 8,000 spikes. If you have sensitive skin, you will prefer the mats with 8,000 spikes.  

5. Warranty On The Acupressure Mat

Companies that make good quality products offer great warranties on their products because they are confident of the quality and know that the products will last a very long time.
Companies and brands that don't stand behind their products don't offer long warranties. So if the warranty is for only 30 or 60 days, be wary.  Look for brands and companies that have long warranties on their products.

So when choosing your acupressure mat brand, get a mat made with high quality materials, non-toxic plastic such as ABS plastic, made without glue, and one that has a long warranty. These are generally available in the price range of $27 - $59.

Here are some great brands of acupressure mats:

Heavenly Acupressure Mats:
8,820 spikes.  5 year warranty.   Natural cotton fabric.  Natural foam rubber.  ABS plastic.  Glue-Free.

Spoonk Mat:
6,210 spikes. 5 year warranty. Natural cotton / hemp Fabric. Glue-free. Eco-foam.

Pranamat Eco:
5,525 spikes. 30 day warranty. Natural cotton / linen fabric. Coconut Fiber cushion. H.I.P.S. Plastic. Glue-free.

Shakti Mat:
8,000 / 6,000 spikes. 14 day warranty. Cotton fabric. Regular foam. ABS plastic. Glue-free.

Halsa Mat:
8,820 spikes. 30 day warranty. Natural cotton fabric. Regular foam.ABS Plastic. Glue Free

Yantra Mat:
8,820 / 11.550 14 Day warranty. Natural cotton. Regular foam. ABS Plastic.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Welcome to Acupressure Mats .Net

Acupressure Mats

Acupressure Mats are very popular because a lot of people find that the use of acupressure mats provides relief from stress, aches, and pains. Using a pattern of spiked discs attached to a natural cotton mat, the acupressure mat stimulates the body’s acupressure points.

Some reported benefits of using an acupressure mat include:
  • Better night’s sleep,
  • Relief of stress,
  • Back pain relief,
  • Increased energy,
Acupressure is a healing art form that has been used for over 5,000 years in eastern medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine describes 365 acupressure points along the twelve meridians of the body. The pressure points in the body are along “meridians”, or channels throughout the body, through which the energy (Chinese concept of "Qi" or Chi) or "life-force" flows. The pressure points can be activated by either acupuncture, which utilizes needles, or through acupressure.
Acupressure Mats use the principles of acupressure to help effectively relief back pain, stress, muscle tension and promote an increase in blood circulation.

A simple,effective,and affordable method of using acupressure is with an acupressure mat. The acupressure mat is about 2x3 feet in size, has 8,820 contact points on it that apply pressure along the body. Simply lie down on the mat for 20 minutes or more each day. These spikes on the mat stimulate various pressure points to help provide relief.

Acupressure Mats We Recommend:

Heavenly Acupressure Mat

The Heavenly Acupressure Mat is great for people that are looking for the following benefits.
  • More energy,
  • Reduction of stress,
  • Help if you are sleeping poorly,
  • Experiencing fatigue,
  • Muscle tension, stiffness, headache, back or neck pain
More than 1 in 10 Swedes now have an acupressure mat. WHY? Because they WORK!

The Heavenly Acupressure Mat has 8,820 effective acupressure points – more than most other acupressure mats on the market. When lying on the Heavenly Acupressure Mat, all of these contact points equally stimulate many different acupressure points in your body resulting in multiple benefits at once including relaxation, increased blood circulation, pain relief, relaxed muscles, better sleep and increased sense of well-being. The Heavenly Acupressure Mat is available in Green, Blue, Orange, & Black

Regularly $49.00 - NOW $29.99 
(Plus Shipping)

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