Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Acupressure mat accessories | Acupressure pillows

The latest acupressure mat accessories - Acupressure pillows!

Acupressure mats are becoming all the rage these days. Those mats with over 8,000 spikes that some call a modern day Bed of Nails, have now been featured on popular TV shows like the Dr. Oz Show, CBS and ABC news, and written up in magazines and newspapers including the New York Times. There are multiple brands out there including the Heavenly acupressure mats, Shakti, Yantra, Himalaya, Spoonk Space (go figure how that name was chosen), Halsa, Pranamat Eco, and the Heavenly. Heavenly, now that is a name we can relate to :)

Now there are accessories being added to the acupressure mats. The main accessory to the acupressure mats is the acupressure pillows. We have looked at 3 different styles of pillow.

The one we liked the best was the ergonomically shaped pillow that fits very comfortably under the neck and head. The spikes are placed where they have maximum impact and stimulate the skin and acupressure points on the neck and lower section of the head.

We really liked this because now we do not need to roll up towels to go under the acupressure mat when we want to treat our necks. Very convenient and easy we now use the acupressure mat and the acupressure pillow together for a full and complete upper body treatment. We love the acupressure pillows!

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